43. ICSD Kongress Sept. 2011

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Filmdauer: 29:11 min.
Moderator: Stanko Pavlica
Untertitel: deutsch
Ton: deutsch

Vom 13.-15. Sept. fand die 43. ICSD Kongress in Rom statt. Die Schweiz wurde vertreten durch die SGSV-FSSS-Vorstandsmitgliederinnen Selina Lutz und Daniel Cuennet. SGSV-FSSS Geschäftsführer Roman Pechous wurden von die beiden begleitet.
Wir haben Daniel Cuennet und Roman Pechous zu einem Talk Gespräch eingeladen.

Bericht von SGSV-FSSS (PDF)

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  1. Here is the answer for Berglind- the ICSD Congress approved in 2003 to have ICSD documents properly archived and kept safely at Gallaudet University Archives, the world’s well known site for preserving deaf history. In the past, ICSD documents were stored at a deaf center in Rome, but they were exposed to humidity. John Lovett, President of ICSD at that time, felt it was necessary to find a new home for ICSD archival documents. Since 2003, Gallaudet has been cataloguing and preserving thousands of papers ans photos.

  2. Congratulations for keeping FocusFive alive!

    As a sport researcher, I and my colleagues are sorry that Daniel and Roman among other delegates had not been given a chance to get facts from the other side. Preventing anyone to be present where both sides can present facts is not a democratic way.

    Working in the research/archives, we can say clearly that documents relating to Slovakia and ICSD are always available for ICSD President and new CEO. They have not come to get facts. I know where they are. They are at Gallaudet Archives and at ICSD office. We can easily get copies for anyone who is interested in getting facts.

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