Governance Review March 2012

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Moderator: Craig Crowley
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„Hi – I’m Craig Crowley and I’m President of ICSD.
I’d like to give you information about the review of ICSD governance.

At Congress six months ago, ICSD passed a motion to review our governance.

Since congress, we have been looking at the best way to deliver the governance reform. The motion from Deaf Sport Australia was clear that we should include outside expertise.
We have spoken to the IOC who have been very helpful.
The IPC has helped too.
ICSD also took advice from TSE Consulting in Lausanne They have provided help to many international sports federations for governance reviews.
ICSD was advised we should create a focus document, to provide strategic direction for the review.

It is not enough to simply say we will try and make general changes towards being better. The changes must have some useful direction.

The focus document will be created on the basis of interviews with experts from the sports movement: leaders from the IOC and international sports federations, athletes, sponsors, media and competition hosts.
But feedback from members is very important. So after creating the focus document, we will then open consultation with members. After that consultation, we will start working on individual areas like board structure and the constitution. That work will also involve independent expertise.

The board will be working to a timeline. Details are being sent to member countries and more information will come.

Thank you.“

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