ICSD Udpate – March 2012

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Filmdauer: 6:03 min.
Moderator: Craig Crowley
Untertitel: Englisch
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(with Transcript)

„Hi – I’m Craig Crowley and I’m President of ICSD

I am happy to give you information as regards progress made by ICSD since the last video message in December last year:

Deaflympics remain our number one priority. We are working on resolving situation with Hungary 2013 and other possible options by end of May 2012. Please see that video.

Rome Congress provided ICSD Board & staff crucial mandate to work on ICSD review. Again, please see separate video.

After difficult 2011 we have a shoestring budget for 2012. Same as many countries after failure of deaflympics. David Lanesman, our vice president has made a financial video.

All of these videos can be found on our website, on our facebook page, on my twitter feed and on our YouTube channel.

Continuing dialogue and re-establishing relationships/MoU with ISFs & IPC to advance Deaf Athletes movement. We are pleased to have the support of international federations including FIFA for football.

Regular and continuing support from IOC is important. The IOC has increased our financial support by 35% this year and is now helping us look for new hosts for the Deaflympics.

We have also started discussions with potential sponsors with help from IOC.

We have restructured all our operational systems to make it more accessible and modernized. All audiograms are now stored electronically.

Thanks to the help from IOC we are getting closer to funding for a new Sport Director.

5 countries have chosen to call for Extraordinary Congress, and I am disappointed about this.


Congress voted only six months ago. Congress told ICSD to put athletes first and go forward.

With due respect to those 5 countries I simply must ask majority of ICSD member countries to oppose/reject this proposal.

Members need to be aware that commitments were made before I started to host Deaflympics in Slovakia, in Greece and in Canada. But they all failed because of bad contracts and lack of government support. First, we had to win back the trust and support of the sporting world. Now that we have done that, we can go forward to work with new hosts.

We must all engage with the sports world. Not just ICSD. All members can help. Did IOC members come to your competitions last year? Please invite them. Together we must raise the visibility of our deaf athletes.

Sometimes, we are working so hard on so many problems and priorities, that we do not communicate our progress to members well enough. I’m sorry for that. We need to do a better job of showing you our work. There will be regular news and more social media. We will also remember to use email and you will see a lot more video in ISL.

Remember that we have to repair the damage of one deaflympics. We have to find hosts for two more. We have to review our governance. And we have very limited time, money and resources. Please allow us to get on with our work, showing us the same confidence you showed only six months ago at the Rome congress. And we will keep you regularly updated about that work.

See you again soon.

Thank you“

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  1. Read and see interesting report from


    another important report is flying around.

    before going further wih this commentary, please carefully examine the icsd constitution rule 6:

    6.1 Full Members

    6.1.1 Full members of the ICSD shall have the right, subject to this Constitution, the bylaws and decisions of the ICSD to: enter their athletes in any World Championships, ICSD-sanctioned competitions and official ICSD competitions sanctioned by the ICSD; submit proposals and vote at meetings of the Congress at which they are present; nominate persons from their national federations for committees of the ICSD; and participate in all competitions, events and activities of the ICSD.

    6.1.2 Full Members shall pay the annual membership fee as levied by ICSD by April 1st of the calendar year. Interest shall be due and payable at two percent (2%) per month for late payments after April. The interest is calculated based on the original balance. All other levies and fees shall be payable within 60 days of their imposition.

    6.1.3 A Full member shall only be permitted to exercise its rights pursuant to Article 6.1.1 if all of the following conditions are met: the annual membership fee and all outstanding levies and debts to the ICSD have been paid and received by the ICSD. all outstanding fees, levies and debts to any regional confederation have been paid and received by the regional confederation.

    as of today, april 6, 2012, it is believed that MANY countries have failed to pay their 2012 annual membership dues off to the icsd.

    of a particular note is the fact that the four ( 4 ) countries ( or, “Full Members” ) which have nominated their persons to the current icsd executive board –

    1) craig crowley ( he is from great britain and it is reported that his country itself is in debt of $990 to the icsd as of now ),
    2) david lanesman ( he is from israel and it is reported that his country itself is in debt of $700 to the icsd as of now ),
    3) vanessa migliosi ( she is from italy and it is reported that her country itself is in debt of $917 to the icsd as of now ) and
    4) rebecca adam ( she is from australia and it is reported that her country itself is in debt of $760 to the icsd as of now )

    – believe it or not, are on the dishonourable list of the nation-members which have not paid off the 2012 icsd membership dues yet!

    by an icsd constitution rule, from january 1, 2012 and to now, these 4 icsd board members should have been suspended from any of their positions and activities in the icsd.

    the presence of and work by crowley, lanesman, migliosi and adam as the icsd executive board members should have been deemed illegal and unconstitutional ones because their respective countries – great britain, israel, italy and australia – have not paid off their membership dues to the icsd in full yet!

    failure by these 4 countries to pay the dues to the icsd mirrors – eloquently and automatically – the very bad and unprofessional work done by the current icsd administration itself!

    therefore, all the work done by these 4 persons on the icsd executive board from the dates of january 1, 2012 and to now, including their different decisions and numerous video messages to the world, should be regarded illegitimate and invalid ones!

    by the icsd constitution rule, for example, the letter by crowley dated april 4, 2012 (his rejection of convening of the proposed extraordinary icsd congress in 2012 ) should be totally ignored and it should have no face value because great britain ( a nation that nominated crowley to the icsd ) is still an UNPAID membership dues nation-member of the icsd!

    these 4 leaders are failing to act as competent international sports administrators and true role models for everyone in our ( already divided ! ) deaf sports world community!

    other biggest and troublesome issues in the structure of the icsd now are declining and low finances in its treasury and not yet chosen official sites for the deaflympics – 2013 for Summer and 2015 for Winter.

    the house of the icsd is now obviously in a full mess and disorder!


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